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Catalogne : Consultation populaire pour l’indépendance le 13 décembre

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On Sunday 13th December 705,000 people are entitled to vote in the consultations for catalan sovereignty

In two weeks more than one hundred cities and towns will held the referendum on independence. Barcelona has hosted a ceremony this afternoon to be a ‘demonstration of force’ with the intervention of various figures of the Catalan social life.

Carlos Mora, the mayor of Arenys de Munt where the 13th September hold the first consultation on independence, said that ‘it is time to end the expose, slavery and humiliation’ from Spain over Catalonia, to build ‘a rich, noble and happy country “and added later that democracy always prevail:’ Freedom is not for sale.’

boutonCatalunyaLeader of and mayor of Sant Pere de Torello, Jordi Fabregat, said that the council ‘may not deny the use of infrastructure paid by citizens with their taxes “, in reference to the ban imposed by the Court of Spain, to forbid to lend municipal spaces to do the referendum.

Different catalan personalities will close the events, the most striking will be the president of Futbol Club Barcelona, Joan Laporta, ending the campaign in Vic.

Right to vote will be given to people over 16 years and “there will be no discrimination by nationality” because they are entitled to vote those citizens who are registered in the municipalities where the consultation takes place, whatever their nationality.

image001To enhance the transparency of the process, the organization of consultations will allow the presence of media throughout the day on 13th December, including the process of vote counting, an option recommended in UN the best practices code.

Notifications were sent to the European Commission, United Nations and to the monitoring of electoral processes institute as the Carter Center to have knowledge of the event and to send observers if they wish.

+ info Oriol Falguera, campaign director /

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