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Goodbye Comrade (English version of Kenavo Kamalad)

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This is the English translation of the Breton poem to honour our comrade and friend, Kendal Breizh, who died in Afrin (Kurdistan) on February 10th.

Kenavo Kamalad

Goodbye Comrade

Far far away in Rojava’s land

We’ve lost a great man forever

Bretons’ hope is bleeding

Together with your Kurdish friends hope


You went to stand up for freedom

Against the Turkish State attacking people

In your bag: happiness, love and pride

In your mouth: the song of your People’s anger


You were a patriot and your country loved you

May your soul stay alive forever

Our anger will grow up for your executioner

And it will never stop, your power will subsist


Boys and girls, stand-up together

To fight for our right to honor Olier

For this generous man who died too soon

For this man who died before seeing the victory


From Brittany to the Basque country to Kurdistan

Hear the rumble of our grief

And tomorrow rises on the mountain peaks

The cry of pain in the rebellion wind


Olier is dead, Kendal is dead

Our comrade is dead, killed by Erdogan

The French State is guilty and we hate it

As well as the Turkish State, you fascist criminals


Le Drian does not move an inch, weapons pay more

The Turkish State believes he can take lives

Erdogan – Le Drian, best friends forever

Have killed our friend, may you pay for your crime


We love you Olier from Bro Pourlet

Travelled to Rojava to fight for freedom

Freedom for a strong People against fascism

To build forever a real life of peace!


You loved life, full of joy and delight

You loved people, your country and your language

You loved singing, you loved laughing

May you stay very deep in our heart


Kenavo mignon – Goodbye friend

Fuck the fascists everywhere

Keep on fighting until victory!

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